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Branham Ince Review

I started attending circuits in September and my overall fitness has come on leaps and bounds. NLF make the circuits high intensity however they are capable for all abilities to take part. Whether you haven’t exercised for years or you exercise everyday, the difficulty is the same for all people who take part, and are so fun and enjoyable! The environment is fantastic at all circuits with people of all abilities taking part, having fun and keeping fit which keeps me coming back every week. I can’t thank NLF enough for the transformation my body and fitness has gone through over the past 11 months :clap::skin-tone-2::fire:

Nathan Hardy Review

I had been going to the gym for 5-6 years, playing local football regularly, and attending one NLF circuit a week before contacting the boys about a gym regime. My goal was to help get my fitness back on track after losing a bit and NLF has given me the push I needed and taught me new ways to push my body that I had never done before. This has meant that I am now seeing great results; I’ve been on a plan for 6 weeks and I have currently lost 4.5% body fat. The workout is tailored to my needs and i wouldn’t recommend anybody else other than NLF.

Simone Call Review

Taking part in circuits each week has kicked started my weight lose after having my baby boy. Each session is packed with vigorous, energising stations which are different every week. Both Ben and Joe are very motivating and encouraging which pushes me to work that little bit harder, but most importantly they make working hard fun and enjoyable.

Emma Limpus Review

I feel very lucky to be part of the Next Level Fitness group. Not only do they offer amazing classes which suit all abilities, they also offer brilliant nutrition advice, PT sessions and much more. The encouragement they have given me in the 6 months I have been with them has been second to none. I went from being scared and nervous when I went to my first circuit session to smashing goals I am now confident to set for myself. I have lost weight, toned up and gained more confidence than I’ve ever had before. Absolute pleasure to be able to work with such an amazing bunch if people.

Michael Egan Review

I started circuit training classes in January with a push from my wife, weighing 17st 7lb and really unfit it was hard to start. With great support and encouragement from Ben and Joe I battled on for a couple of months, losing a few pound and gaining fitness. To take things to the next level Ben did me a personalised nutrition plan. Now another month on I’m down to 16st 2lb and still losing. My fitness and energy levels are through the roof, running 3k and 5k on my treadmill at least once a week, as well as the twice weekly circuit classes. These boys certainly know their stuff and offer great knowledge and support. If you want to make a change to a healthier lifestyle I’d highly recommend Next Level Fitness.

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